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Cheshire Grange November News Update

By A. Ruel Miller

  NOVEMBER 6, 2012 --

Our annual Cheshire Grange Community Fair was moved up to the end of August and was very successful. We will stay with this time frame with our future fairs.

Our officers were installed on September 5th by State Secretary Edith Schoell and her team. The installation was preceeded with a pot luck supper. Our craft nights are up and running makling items for a local nursing home and for our shut in members at Christmas. We continue to send items to our troops and receive very gracious thank you notes from them. Plans are underway for future fund raisers and we have a fund raising dinner in early November for a local camping group.

Nov. 7:  I’d Be Delighted (Youth Program)

Nov. 21:  Thanksgiving Eve - No meeting

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