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Community Service Report Winners Announced

By Jeff and Debbie Barnes, Community Service Chairpersons

  DECEMBER 3, 2011 --

Congratulations to Ekonk Community Grange on their 1st place entry in Community Service this year. Their new major project was helping provide a “Home at Last” to help veterans have a place to live in Jewett City, CT. Their report has been sent to National Grange for competition and we wish them good luck.

Again this year we should all be very proud of the good work being done by the Granges in our state. We want to take this opportunity to thank all the dedicated chairmen who sent in their Community Service reports.

We received reports from 28 Granges. Total volunteer hours from Grange members was 74,107-1/2 assisted by an additional sum of 9,004 from non-grange members for a grand total of 83,111-1/2 hours. This is based on 50% of our subordinate granges. Would the numbers have doubled if all of our Granges had reported? Unfortunately, we will never know, and that’s why we encourage all Granges to report next year.

The Dictionary Project continues to be very popular. Also support for local food banks, blood banks, shelters, foster children, veterans and soldiers. In short, if it betters your community it’s worth doing. Does your community know what your Grange is doing?

If a member of your Grange did not pick up a new Community Service report form for the coming year, please contact us and we will happy to see that you receive one.

We look forward to reading your reports next year and we encourage all Granges to adopt a new community service project for 2012.

Granges with membership of 51 and over:

1st place:  Ekonk Community Grange # 89

2nd place:  N. Stonington Community Grange # 138

3rd place:  Cheshire Grange # 23

Granges with membership of 50 and under:

1st place:  Prospect # 144

2nd place:  Stonington # 168

3rd place:  Lyme Grange # 147

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