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The History Of Our Grange

Following a meeting in Meriden, Connecticut, at which the National Grange Lecturer spoke on the benefits of the local Grange, a group of Cheshire Farmers and their wives met at the home of E.P. Atwater on January 24, 1885, and organized Cheshire Grange.  Chester C. Lord was elected Master by the 21 Charter Members.  It was agreed that meetings would be held at the Atwater home on Maple Avenue on the first and third Wednesday of every month.

          On March 11, 1891, it was voted to purchase the Clock Shop property on Walllingford Road.  Repairs were made and the Grange Hall was dedicated on June 3rd of that year.  This hall remained as the permanent meeting place of Cheshire Grange until it was destroyed by fire on January 17, 1955.

          The present Grange Hall, dedicated in 1956, is the result of many dedicated hours of work.  The Cheshire Grange Community Fair is held in the Grange Hall and on its Grounds each fall.

          Through the years Cheshire Grange has vigorously supported many movements in the interest of the betterment of our Community, our State, and our Nation.  Cheshire Grange averages between 12,000 and 15,000 hours of Community Service work each year.  In addition to this most members are involved in Community Service projects that are not done in the name of the Grange.

159th Annual National Grange Convention

Tuesday, November 18, 2025

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